No doubt Star Wars is probably the biggest entertainment franchise in history. You can everything from a Darth Vader toaster¬†¬†to a Star Wars Dagobah shower curtain. But many people might not now that many of Star Wars’ iconic image have Indiana roots! June 13th marks the birthday of Ralph McQuarrie, the conceptual artist credited with much of the visual imagination of the Star Wars Trilogy, and Ralph was born in, wait for it …..Gary Indiana! Yep part of the magic of the Star Wars universe was set in motion in a birthing room in the Steel City. Ralph also created designs for Battlestar Glactica and E.T. Here’s a few images Ralph created for Mr. Lucas.

tumblr_lxxyksDjzQ1r9cnoio1_500 Falcon xlarge_167cadebd8a82c64102e88a4e436022a


So if your thinking of buying a Star Wars poster for yourself, your kid or your brother, consider buying this one from an Indiana born creative genius. Follow the link below. Happy b-day Ralph.




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