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EPISODE 1:  Fred “The Hammer” Williamson, NFL Legend, Actor & Producer

Fred Willamson grew up in Gary Indiana, where he was a track star at Froebel High.  He was offered a scholarship to Northwestern University where he played football.  He played pro-ball for the Steelers, Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs.  It was on the Chiefs that he played in Super Bowl I.



EPISODE 2: Astronaut Col. Jerry Ross



Episode 3:  Olympic Athlete David Neville


Episode 4:  John Hancock, Film Director



Episode 5:  Dick Barnett, New York Knick Legend,

Dick Barnett holds the distinction of winning two NBA Championship rings and being in the first Indiana State Championship with two all black teams.  Barnett grew up in Gary Indiana, then won multiple championships for Tennessee State before humbling guys on the NBA courts. We talk about everything basketball from racism, to the early days of the NBA, playing against fellow hoosier Oscar Robertson and the importance of an after sports career plan.


Episode 6:  Dr. Ferid Murad, Nobel Laureate from Whiting Indiana

Ferid Murad won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1998, but thats not the extent of his accolades.  He also won the ALbert Lasker Award for Basic Medical research has earned multiple honorary doctorates and has taken on executive level positions at numerous medical facilities and companies including Abbot Labs, Stanford, University of Texas and George Washington University.  This guy from a working class family in Whiting, IN has traveled the globe, met kings and queens from 15 countries and still works 80+ hours a week doing what he loves.

We talk with him about his Nobel experience, the research he has done on nitric acid and growing up in Whiting, Indiana.


Episode 7: Tim Stoddard, MLB Pitcher and NCAA Basketball Champion

Tim Stoddard had an impressive career as a relief pitcher in the Majors for 13 years but his accolaides don’t stop there. Stoddard was also part of the Undefeated state champion East Chicago basketball team and an enforcer on the NC State NCAA championship team.

Even with those accomplishments you may remember him as the gruff pitcher with a big butt from the family sports movie Pitcher of the Year.  We talk with Stoddard about his days growing up in East Chicago to living across the country while playing for the Cubs, Orioles, Padres and Yankees.

Get to know an Indiana sports legend on this episode of the Interesting Indiana Podcast.

Episode 8:  Filmmaker Angelo Pizzo

What did Gene Hackman say to Angelo and his co-producer David Anspaugh as they wrapped up production on Hoosiers? Listen and hear this great story and more. We talk with Pizzo about screenwriting, IU and of course the movies Hoosiers and Rudy.



Episode 9:  Saving the Planet with Green Tree Plastics from Evansville, IN

It’s a small company in Southern Indiana that is helping to revolutionize reuse of plastics. A big task but Hoosiers can do it.



Episode 10:  Jimmy Valiant The Boogie Woogie Man from Hammond, IN

There’s a reason Jimmy Valiant is a WWE Hall of Famer. His performances were ground breaking, his career was long and his passion was unwavering. Get to know the kid from Hammond who rose to the top of the professional wrestling world to battle with and against some of the biggest stars of his era, including Jerry Lawler, Bobby the Brain Heenan, Jimmy the Mouth of The South, Dick the Bruiser and more!