When David Letterman retired, the late night world experienced a huge void…and then it was quickly filled.  Stephen Colbert is doing a great job filling Dave’s shoes and the other half dozen late night hosts are entertaining and timely.  So the country wasn’t worried about Dave leaving late night, they were worried about Dave leaving them.  We saw the writing on the wall, and it wasn’t that late night was too competitive for our favorite late night leader, but we could see that Dave was outgrowing late night.  No longer content to ask a handful of questions and scoot onto the next guest or skit, Dave took the torch (well one of the torches) to ask questions that needed to be asked, and force us to take the time to look at the issues facing our country today.  And of course, he did it with impeccable comedic timing that kept us watching.

So Dave has returned and brought back the skills that he has spent decades refining paired with the demeanor we’ve all grown to love.  Letterman’s new Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is the content we now need to fill the gaps left with the departure (even momentarily) of Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose from the interview scene.  And that fill is premium grade. Entertaining and thought provoking, My Next Guest… is what we know we’ve needed in television, and Dave is here to help us out.  Check out the first episode with Barack Obama on Netflix today. You’ll feel better for it.

You can watch the trailer for the series here:




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